Brown Sugar

Technical Specifications for BROWN SUGAR ICUMSA-800/1200

Specifications: Fit for Human Consumption

Polarity at 20 Deg. Centigrade: 97.80 Min.

ASH Content: 0.15% Máx.

Moisture: 0.15% Máx.

Solubility: 95%

Granulation: 0.6 mm of Regular Square (medium size)

ICUMSA: 1200 Typical ICUMSA, Attenuation Index Units Method no: 4-1978)

Sediments: None

Magnetic Particles: 10 mg/kg

SO2: 120 mg/kg

Radiation: within internationally acceptable limits

Smell: Free of any smell

Reducing Sugar: 0.05% max

Max AS: 1 p.p.m

Max OS: 2 p.p.m.

MAX CU: 3 p.p.m.


Substance: Solid, Crystal max

Color: Brown

CROP:    :2019